A Trip Home to Quarantine With Family

$157 to Kansas City, Missouri / $150 Saved

“A few months into quarantine, I got a Flights From Home email about roundtrip, direct flights from SLC to Kansas City for $157.

I hadn’t been home since Christmas, so I bought the tickets right then, figuring that I’d be able to go, or I’d get travel credit I could use later. Having something to look forward to amid the uncertainty of 2020 was a huge gift, especially when a lot of my planned pre-covid trips were canceled.

I ended up getting to hang out with my family for a week! Considering the circumstances, we mostly hung out at the house, eating Thai takeout and watching British TV shows.

Even though it wasn’t the most glamorous trip, I’m so grateful I was able to go home and inexpensively spend time with family.

I look forward to exploring new places again when it’s safe!”

Shelley B.