Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure I’m receiving all of the deals?

When you sign up you’ll be added to the correct email lists. Be sure to add [email protected] to your email contact list to ensure the emails are delivered directly to your inbox!

You can also access all active deals on your Deals Dashboard by logging into your Flights From Home account.

If you think you are missing out on deals, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will look into it for you!

How many deals can I expect to receive?

Free users receive 25% of the deals we send, and premium subscribers receive 100% of the deals we find. We don’t hold ourselves to a specific quota because we want every deal that makes it to your inbox to be a good quality deal that we would book ourselves. 

That being said, premium subscribers can expect to receive an average of 2-5 deals per day, while free users will receive 1 deal per day.

What is the difference between free and premium?

Free subscribers receive 25% of the deals we send out, while Premium subscribers receive 100% of the deals we find. Premium subscribers also get access to secret sales, mistake fares, and more.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any deals we send out, you can check out premium.

How do I access the deals?

We send each free and premium deal via email directly to your inbox with detailed booking instructions!

You can also access all active deals for your respective subscription type by logging into your Flights From Home account and visiting your Deals Dashboard.

Can I access the deals for more than one departure city?

Free and premium subscribers have the option to receive deals departing from Salt Lake City and/or Las Vegas. You can update your preferences by logging into your Flights From Home account and visiting the “Email Alerts” page.

How far in advance do I need to watch for a flight deal?

There isn’t a set time frame for when deals pop up. We generally see flight deals for destinations ranging from 2-9 months in advance.

How do I book a deal?

We send detailed booking instructions via email for every deal we find. You can scroll down to the booking link that will direct you to where you can book your flights. You can then use the calendar view to select dates and prices that work for you. Once you’ve selected your dates, you can select your flights and continue through the booking process.

TIP: We recommend booking directly through the airline whenever possible. Third party bookings can be great when flight prices are higher on airline websites, but remember to book directly through the airline if it’s an option.

Can I filter to receive deals to specific destinations?

While we do offer you the ability to select your departure airports, we do not have a feature that allows you to only see deals to specific destinations. 

A lot of our subscribers use our deals to book trips to destinations they hadn’t ever thought of traveling to, and we love seeing those life changing experiences!

Keep in mind that if you are watching for a deal to a specific destination, you’ll want to sign up for premium. That is the best way to make sure you don’t miss the next one that pops up!

Can I book flights for multiple people using your deals?

Absolutely! Your Flights From Home subscription gives you access to all of our cheap flight alerts. We alert you when flights are really cheap, and you can then use the booking link to select the deal for as many passengers as you’d like. 

TIP: If the price per person increases when you change the number of passengers, this likely means the airline does not have enough tickets at the lower price for the number of people you’re booking for, so they bump you up to the higher price. Book passengers individually to take advantage of the lower price.

What if the price jumps when I select my flights?

If the price increases when you select your flights, the deal is likely expiring or expired. You can use the flexible dates calendar to see if there are other dates available, but if you’re unable to select flights without the price jumping, the deal is gone.

Can I request a deal for a specific trip?

Due to the nature of our service, we are unable to take custom requests. We always welcome your requests to give us an idea of what our subscribers are looking for, though we aren’t able to guarantee a deal will pop up. 

Our team is constantly scouring the web for all available deals though, so you can rest assured that if a deal does pop up, you will absolutely receive it!

Do you send out deals for business or first class?

We find deals for business and first class occasionally, but those deals are definitely more rare. Most deals we find are for basic economy.

What are mistake fares and how do they work?

Despite having the latest technology, airlines still have room for error. Humans make mistakes, computer systems may not work sometimes, and you get the reward: extremely cheap airline tickets every so often.

How is this service different from other cheap flight companies?

Only the best deals will make it to your inbox. We don’t like receiving emails from airlines notifying you of a sale only to realize that the sale only saves you $50. The deals we send are good.

We search diligently for unadvertised sales, mistake fares, and price wars. These are deals you probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise.

We don’t receive any commission for the deals we send out. We aren’t affiliated with any airlines, online travel agencies, or websites. Why this matters: we are only motivated to help you get the best deal and help you book them. Often blogs or travel agents only send out deals from airlines or websites that are paying them, we search for all the deals.

We care. We’re real people who love to travel and want to help you get out there for a decent price. We use the deals as much as anybody and are so excited when we hear you’ve booked your next trip because of these emails!