How Our Service Works

What is Flights From Home?

Hello! We are a team of travel experts scouring the internet every day to find you the best deals out of Las Vegas. We alert you via email when prices drop, and direct you to reputable booking sites to book your travel!

We love finding you cheap flight deals so that you can travel somewhere you never thought you’d visit!

Free vs. Premium Email Alerts

We offer two versions of the Flights From Home service — free and premium! Our free service is an email list where we send a few great deals each week. This is a great option for the occasional traveler looking to score some killer travel deals to non-specific destinations. Free subscribers receive 25% of the deals we send, which means you can expect to receive an average of one cheap flight alert per day.  You can sign up for our free cheap flight alerts here.

Want to make sure you never miss a flight alert? Subscribe to our premium list! Our paid subscription offers a full service of flight deals departing from Las Vegas — basically, if a deal pops up, you’ll know about it! Premium is the best way to make sure you don’t miss a deal to specific destinations you’re hoping to visit. Premium subscribers receive 100% of the flight deals we find, including rare deals, price wars, and mistake fares. If a deal pops up to a destination you’re looking for, with premium, you’ll know about it. With an annual subscription amounting to only a few dollars per month, the premium subscription pays for itself with the first trip you book! You can use this link to check out premium and never miss a deal again!

Tip: Premium subscribers receive 4x more deals than free subscribers do, and they receive access to hidden deals, Europe sales, and deals arrive 30+ minutes early!

Inside the Deals

All flight alerts will be emailed directly to your inbox or can be accessed through your personal Flights From Home account. Each deal will include detailed information about the deal, such as departure city and destination, deal price, sample travel dates, airline, and most importantly — the link to book the flight! All deals are booked directly through the airlines so you don’t have to worry about working through a third party.

Accessing the Deals Through Our Site

Both free and premium subscribers are able to login to their Flights From Home accounts on our website to access all active deals on the Deals Dashboard. Free subscribers will see all of the free deals with premium deals hidden, and Premium subscribers will have full access to all the deals.

It’s important to note that while you have access to all active deals on the deals dashboard, paying attention to your email notifications is a must as some deals expire quickly!


Great! We have a dedicated customer support team of flight experts here to help you out! Please email any questions to  or send us a DM on social media and we’ll be happy to assist!