Making the Most of Your Flights From Home Subscription

Be Flexible

We always include a list of sample dates that work for the deals we send, but there are usually other dates that work too! We know the list of dates we include won’t always work for everyone (though you can still use the link included in the email to book and adjust your dates from there).

When viewing a deal, keep in mind that the calendar view will show you the lowest price for each day, and if you can be flexible with your travel dates, you will usually be able to book the lowest fare price!

Salt Lake City to Lima, Peru

Be Open Minded

Keep an open mind and be open to trips that you wouldn’t normally think about taking. Of course, we are always on the lookout for deals to popular destinations, but don’t hesitate to jump on a great deal to a less-traveled destination — sometimes those end up being our subscribers’ favorite trips! Anything is possible if the price is right!

Read the Details

We spend a lot of time curating each deal to include the most helpful details about each destination. From popular tourist sites to hidden gems to travel restriction updates — be sure not to skip over the details! You might miss out on something unique or important.

Featured tips for travel to Guatemala

Use Sample Links

We always include links to the deals in our emails to make booking as easy as possible. Always start by using the sample link to take you to the deal and adjust your dates from there if necessary.

Consider Flying Out of a Different Airport

Sometimes adjusting your departure airport can drastically reduce the price. If you have the option to drive to a different airport, you may score a better deal! If you decide to do this, you can always keep an eye out for cheap tickets from your home airport to your departure airport in the meantime to cut out any drive time completely!

Email Notifications

Get notified anytime we send out a deal by turning on your email notifications! That way you never miss a deal, and you’re always the first to know about it — meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about the deal disappearing before you can book it!

Example: Gmail notifications

Add Us to Your Contact List

Add [email protected] to your contact list to ensure delivery directly to your inbox! That way you don’t have to worry about our deals going to your spam folder!

Hit Reply

Never hesitate to reply directly to a deal with questions or reach out to us at [email protected]. Our customer experience team is always happy to help!

Give Feedback 

We love to hear about your travels and adventures. In addition to sharing your stories, we hope that you will share Flights From Home with your friends and encourage them to save money on their travel.

We also love to hear which deals you enjoy seeing in your inbox or what you are hoping to see from us in the future. We are always exploring ways to best meet your needs, so we greatly value your input and feedback. Please let us know how we can improve!