A Mother Daughter Trip to Amsterdam

$280 to Amsterdam, Netherlands / $900+ Saved

“February of 2019 a flight came through our Premium email for Amsterdam, $280 return!

I ran downstairs and woke up my 12 yr old daughter and asked (said) let’s go!! I booked for the first week of November 2019.

As it happened that fall, her class was reading Anne Frank’s Diary (perfectly unplanned parenting win). I had long ago booked our tickets to see Frank home. It was a powerful experience and we brought back posters for the teacher… who was so grateful to be able to show her classes the Frank home in detail.

We also toured the Rijks, did a historical tour on bikes and took a canal tour in a 102-year-old original canal boat… and wandered the city for stroopwafels, apple pie, and pancakes. Perfect trip. Even upgraded to first class on the way home for less than a regular round-trip ticket.

Love our Flights From Home emails… sunshine in our days making dreams a reality.

Heidi & Maggie