An Anniversary Trip to Hawaii

$275 to Maui, Hawaii / $250+ Saved

“The stars aligned for this trip to happen…
Twenty years ago we were lucky enough to celebrate our honeymoon in Hawaii.

Fast forward to now, I joined Flights From Home and found super cheap tickets to Hawaii — $275 roundtrip.

Not only were the flights right during our anniversary, but I was in nursing school at the time and I just happened to have a break between terms for a whole week!

If that wasn’t enough, my sister was living in a condo there so we had a free place to stay and a local to show us around. We flew to Maui and spent a couple of days on our own doing the amazing Road to Hana. Then we took a little plane to Molokai, a gorgeous less touristy island, to visit my sister.

It was an amazing trip and all thanks to Flights From Home!”

Laura C.