Tips for Sydney, Australia

Flights From Home Customer Support Expert Sydney’s Trip to Sydney

When you are flying to Australia, most flights go into Sydney. The best time to go to Australia is in February-April, which is their fall. So it is still warm enough to go to the beach and swim, but not too hot that it is unbearable. My husband is from Australia and used to live in Sydney up until he was 15, so his knowledge of the area made our trip a bit easier. We stayed at a place really close to a train station because we didn’t rent a car because public transportation in Sydney is safe and really easy to use. We got the train pass and put about $35 Australian dollars on our cards to use for the 3 days we stayed there. You can get these from any local gas station around. You can always start off with the minimum amount they offer and then add more whenever you need if you don’t know how much you’ll really need to use the train.

The first day, we took the train right to the center of the city and walked from there to Circular Quay where the Sydney Opera House is. If you don’t feel like walking you can take the train straight to Circular Quay and get off there, but we wanted to see the sites. After seeing the opera house we hopped on the ferry over to Manly Beach. You can use your same train pass to get on the ferry as well. On Sunday the ferry is free, but might be a bit more crowded — worth it though because it’s an awesome spot to see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the water!

Once we got to Manly we walked across the town to the main beach on the other side. On Sundays they also have a cute street market going on. There are tons of places to shop in town, and great places to eat. After spending some time at the beach you can take a walk down to Shelly Beach which is a cute little cove at the end with BBQ and a lot fewer people. You can even walk up the hill behind the beach to a cool lookout over the ocean. Along the walk, there is an ocean rock pool you can swim in as well if you feel the need to take a break from the walking and cool down a bit. By the end of this, we were pretty exhausted from all our walking and headed back to our place after stopping at the manly harbor and eating some food and watching the sunset.

The next day while the weather was still good we decided to head to another beach called Bondi Beach. We had to take the train and a public bus there this time. We hopped off the bus and took a look at the iceberg pool on the right side of the beach.

You can stay and hang out at the beach all day or make a day of walking the path from Bondi Beach all the way down to Coogee. The Bondi to Coogee walk is filled with tons of little beach coves and even more ocean rock pools to stop and swim in. It’s quite long, so to do the entire thing you would have to spend the entire day doing it, or you can just walk to some of the closer coves along the way.

The last day, the weather wasn’t very good because it was raining most of the day. so we decided to head to the city to just walk around and shop. We shopped and ate at a couple of malls. We walked through Chinatown and even went to a Chinese garden with a tea shop. We then walked along Darling Harbor and across the bridge back to Circular Quay. We decided to take a break from walking and stop and eat at a little café overlooking the Opera House. We ended our day there, getting rained on a bit, but nothing stopped us from enjoying our time in the city.

Australia is definitely one of my favorite places and I hope to be able to go back and explore some more! I hope that you are able to make it someday, too!