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On July 1st we're launching Flights From Home Las Vegas! 

 You can sign up here for our free service, or become one of the first premium subscribers by signing up here. 

Why start Flights From Home Las Vegas? I wanted to give people in Las Vegas, Southern Utah, and surrounding areas access to the best deals on the internet. Sometimes its worth the drive down to Las Vegas if you can save $550+ on an international flight compared to SLC prices. 

How can I get the deals?

Option 1: follow @flightsfromhome.las for free deals on Instagram

Option 2: sign up for free deals here

Option 3: sign up for Flights From Home - Las Vegas on Facebook

Option 4: Get 4x more Las Vegas deals by signing up for our Las Vegas premium subscription

What can I expect? The best deals out of Las Vegas. Period. You’ll get a few deals per day delivered to you via email or on Instagram with complete booking instructions. I hope you enjoy them ☺ 

Will there be a Flights From Home Las Vegas premium subscription? Yes, starting July 1, 2019. Premium subscribers get 4x more Las Vegas deals. You can learn more and sign up here. How do I get the low introductory price for premium? If you are lucky enough to be one of the first 100 subscribers to sign up for our Las Vegas premium service you’ll lock in a low $25/year rate forever. After that, prices will be $29/year for the first few weeks before rising to $45/year, our regular prices. There are also other options, and you can read about our complete premium offerings here.

What if I already have a Flights From Home Salt Lake City premium membership? You will not get free access to both FFH SLC and FFH LAS premium services. They are separate subscriptions. If you would like both, you’ll have to sign up for Las Vegas premium here. If you would like to switch from SLC premium to LAS premium, you may be eligible to switch for free by sending us an email here: Please allow us 24-48 hours to make the switch. 

Are more cities coming soon? Yes, stay tuned ☺ We hope you all enjoy the deals we’ll be finding you! If you have comments or suggestions, please send an email to us here:    

Flights From Home Las Vegas FAQ

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