A Two for One Trip to New Zealand & Australia

$414 to Auckland, New Zealand / $800+ Saved

“I was working a graveyard shift in the hospital one night when I got the notification that there was a deal for $414 round trip to Auckland, New Zealand.

I wouldn’t have a chance to consult with my wife since it was the middle of the night so I booked the flight. I got home and my wife said “did you see that deal to New Zealand?!” I told her that “I did and I booked it!”

Because of Flights From Home, we were able to do something that we would never be able to afford.

We got to visit Hobbiton, see Milford Sound, and even jumped over to Australia.

Whenever I see a notification pop up from Flights From Home I always jokingly (but somewhat seriously) say “welp, where are we going next?”

Eric L.